It's Time for the American Capitalist Party

With Democrats pushing forward with a return to big government and Republicans speeding down the path toward irrelevance by becoming the party of "no," it's time for a party that actually affirms what most Americans believe in.

It's time for the American Capitalist Party.

Okay, so maybe the name could be revised or improved (suggestions welcome!), but, folks, there can be no question that the needs of We the People, We the Electorate, We the Target Market are simply not being met by the two main parties.

The Tea Party movement and the powerful uprisings in those health care town halls point to the fact that when it comes right down to it, Americans are all for situational help from the government when the going gets tough, but they don't want it institutionalized for the long haul.

The American Capitalist Party would be built around this fact and upon the ideals and dreams that still propel this nation of ours. Socialism and big government have been tried and shown to have failed again and again, yet neither party --and yes, this means Republicans, too, since they oversaw some of the worst deficit spending of this past decade-- is actively fighting for fiscal responsibility and the maintenance of the kind of market place fair play that made us great.

In marketing, the most important element of a successful brand is its ability to express its core characteristics for everyone to understand. No confusion. No doubt as to what it stands for.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans have been clear about what they stand for. Tey are ignoring the needs of so many of us. A good marketer seizes the opportunity to meet currently unmet needs with a targeted product or service. Meeting an urgent need is what the American Capitalist Party can do.

First, the American Capitalist Party tells us all we need to know with its name.-- Capitalism and the conditions that allow capitalism to flourish are what this party will be about.

What are those conditions? A respect for the rule of law; limited government; low taxes (both personal and corporate); effective support of infrastructure to promote economic growth (i.e., no pork projects, thank you very much Boss Tweed); advocate term limits for House and Senate members (12 and 18 years max, respectively) to help break up the enthroned political class; a belief in and support of the freedom and meritocracy that has made America great and given rise to Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Obama; and, finally, very middle-of-the-road social values (for example, we would encourage family values but allow civil unions for gays).

There's a need for a government that knows its place and a political party that reflects what most of us believe. One that helps when help is needed but for the most part stays out of people's lives. The American Capitalist Party. It's time has come.

And remember, the business of politics is always easier when you keep marketing and branding in mind.

John Tantillo is a marketing and branding expert. He is the founder and president of Marketing Department of America.