It's One About Face After Another From Obama

President Obama is feting Afghan President Karzai this week like he’s royalty. The red carpet has been rolled out -- White House luncheon, Blair House digs, joint press conference. Is this the same guy that just a month ago the administration said stole an election, and was in bed with narco- traffickers? The same guy who threatened to join the Taliban on the heels of President Obama’s visit to Kabul?

What gives? Why the about face?

But that’s nothing compared to the about face the administration did with the Times Square bomber.

Last week, just hours after Faisal Shahzad was pulled off the plane at JFK, the media treated us to a sob story. -- The poor guy was an immigrant who whose American dream ended in nightmare, who lost his job and couldn’t meet the mortgage payments. This fit into the administration’s narrative that terrorist acts are "man caused disasters." Terrorists aren't part of a worldwide jihadist movement, they are "lone wolves," the terror matter is best handled in open civilian courts where we try Americans citizens gone wrong. Proof that the administration’s approach was working? Well, not so fast. The Times Square bomber offered up valuable intelligence information from the start.

But that information must have caused the collective jaws at the White House to drop. Because by Sunday we were treated to Attorney General Holder, White House Counterterrorism Adviser Brennan and Secretary Clinton trotted out to talk tough on terrorism. Turns out the Times Square bomber was dispatched from Taliban training camps in North Waziristan, supposed hideout of Usama Bin Laden. What was he saying -- that there were more homegrown terrorist sleeper cells? That more attacks were planned? That he was a dry run? That we weren't smart, just lucky. Oops! Time for an about face -- before our luck runs out and the next terrorist attacker succeeds.

Team Obama hasn't done an about face on closing Gitmo or trying terrorists in New York, but that can’t be far away.

The administration has now done so many about faces that our heads are spinning. Hopefully it’s a sign that they’re finally facing reality.

But more likely it’s a sign that they flailing. And what’s that doing for the bad guys?

Kathleen Troia "K.T." McFarland is a Fox News National Security Analyst and host of's DefCon 3. She is a Distinguished Adviser to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and served in national security posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations. She wrote Secretary of Defense Weinberger’s November 1984 "Principles of War Speech" which laid out the Weinberger Doctrine. Be sure to watch "K.T." and Mike Baker every Monday at 10 a.m. on's "DefCon3" already one of the Web's most watched national security programs. 

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