It’s not Bernie Sanders holding the Democrats back -- it’s Obama

Politics has become so mindless I’m almost ready to watch soccer. On the left, Trump is the root of all evil. On the right, the pro-Trumpers mostly just repeat themselves. So to make things more interesting, let a Trump supporter tell you how the Democrats can win an election.

Spoiler: It’s not Bernie Sanders holding the party back; it’s Barack Obama.

I know at this moment, it looks pretty hopeless. I don’t think socialism is the ticket, or open borders either. And the “Abolish ICE” crowd makes it seem as if the party of FDR and JFK has a death wish.

But the wheel turns and somehow yesterday’s big loser eventually ends up on top. In Britain, you have the impossible Jeremy Corbyn, but faced with a feckless Theresa May, Corbyn’s Labor Party nearly won the last election. So anything can happen.

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