Is liberalism killing the real masculine male? It seems that way. Keep in mind here, that when I say “man,” I’m not talking about the clichéd manly man who throws back macro-brews, chases skirts and scratches himself in public.By “real” I don’t mean someone who has to be tough, brawny or even rough around the edges.

I’m speaking about the ideal of manhood that young boys have upheld in their hearts and minds for generations. I’m speaking of course… of Matlock. The man could car chase like it was nobody’s business.

In all seriousness, my father (like most fathers) always taught me that a man is someone who stands by his principles, someone who lives with integrity and puts his family before himself. That last one is important, because as a young boy, it’s your pops who provides you with security.

The financial, emotional, even physical security of the son rests squarely on the shoulders of his father. What could possibly be more manly than providing all of the above for your kin? Maybe bear-wrestling, but legally I’m not allowed to endorse it.

Here’s the problem with the modern liberal man -- he can never fully provide that sense of security for his family, because he doesn’t believe that he can provide it for himself.

Liberals don’t believe in the ultimate concept of self-reliance, which is why they look to the government for stability. Extravagant welfare programs, the near impossibility of getting fired on the public dole and an increasingly complicated tax code are all products of the same deeply rooted concept that man cannot provide for himself.

Liberals simply believe that man is not good enough. Indomitable spirits be damned! That’s why most college students are liberal. Living on a diet of Kraft Dinners and Mountain Dew would make anyone yearn for somebody else to step in and take the reins. Instead of looking to a dietician they reach for Uncle Sam (and a keg).

When a child can see this belief in his dad’s world view, it makes him uneasy to the core. Words like “Everything’s going to be okay” ring completely hollow because children understand that daddy doesn’t even believe himself that he can make everything okay. That’s why daddy he votes for Democrats.

Every manly icon the West has ever admired has embodied the very spirit of American independence. If liberalism bred manliness, our heroes would sound a little different:

“Seeing that bell ring, and I’m still standing. All I want to do is go the distance… but only if the commission gives me a handicap” – Rocky Balboa

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory… though it’s easier with subsidies.” - General George Patton

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom! … also, we’ll try for dental.” - William Wallace

The truth is, that the spirit of the great American man is dying. In the age of entitlement mindsets and a perpetually defeatist attitude, if we don’t pro-actively pass the concept of independent self-reliance on to our children it could be lost forever.

- “They’ll be doomed for a life dominated by doubt” – Santa Claus

Now Santa was a real man. I bet he was beating dames off with a stick.

Steven Crowder is a comedian, writer and Fox News contributor.

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