A survey of friends and family suggests that while "Fortnite" is losing some of its popularity among tweens, teens and young adults, a strong legion of game-obsessed players still exists.

So what made the game so popular to begin with? Although the market is flooded with video games, "Fortnite" has several characteristics that make it quite attractive.

The Pluses of Play

"The Battle Royale" version released in September 2017 is free. It is also afforded applause because it is time-limited, winnable, and easy to play.

Unlike many other games, each battle is discreet; players are not required to progress by passing complicated levels of play. It is also a game that can be won by the average player. The rules are straightforward and simple. The game is interactive and social. Gamers can play as individuals, in pairs or in squads of four.

It is available on multiple platforms including game consoles, computers, and phones. This allows players to strategize with each other through live chat or phone. The game offers less socially savvy and/or shy kids a new way to engage with their peers, an opportunity to feel part of the social scene. Accolades abound for anyone who becomes a strong player.

It is also a great way for friends and family to stay connected. Kids away at college for example, can play with the siblings they left behind. Parents can engage with their kids through play.

Defining the Downsides


"Fortnite" can be addicting. As with any type of technology, parents should monitor how much their kids are playing and with whom. The live chat capability on game consoles means kids could be interacting with anyone including unsavory strangers.

Multiple game platform capability could result in all day play. It’s also important to understand that it is a battle game. While the graphics don’t feature blood and gore the object of the game is kill or be killed. Parents should also be aware that while the basic game is free, players can purchase game enhancers. While fees are nominal, a few quick clicks on a consul connected to a credit card account can easily add up to hundreds of dollars.

"Fortnite" will continue to forge ahead for now. A telltale sign that the game has made it? You can actually purchase apparel. T-shirt, pajamas anyone?