In 'Upheaval' Lou Dobbs gets it right about America

Lou Dobbs has done it again. The Fox Business anchor’s new book, “Upheaval,” is full of insight about what ails America.

In characteristically blunt fashion, Dobbs warns that, under the Obama administration, the nation is on course to “roll back the standard of living for all Americans and make the lowest common denominator the standard for education and media.”


An independent voter, he rails against big business, and urges the GOP to break from its corporate sponsors and declare that “government is not intended to be the handmaiden of bankers.”

Lobbyists, unions and green wing nuts all get a spanking, but my favorite insight involves his view on what is causing the growing gaps in income and wealth. “They are gaps in education, in lifestyle choices, in environment, in strength of the family and ultimately in achievement,” he writes.

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