Amidst this debt ceiling debate, this president and his Democratic minions’ arguments have descended from “straw men” to “bogeymen” in their attempts to scare Americans.

Our seniors were told their hard-earned Social Security checks would be stopped. Our brave veterans were told the services our grateful nation provides them (never mind that there is much more we could do) could be stopped.

Our entire citizenry was told America could face an economic Armageddon.

But we Americans are more courageous than the president and Democrats credit us. Thus, we must tell President Obama and his minions to stop; join with Republicans to seize this moment to cut, cap and balance the federal budget; and start restructuring Washington Big Government into Main Street self-government.

That this President and his fear mongers would willfully inflict doubt and fear in his citizenry is deplorable, but par for the course. They will do all they can to distract from the fact that they have not once provided a single concrete plan or for serious debt reduction; and that their failed, fiscally irresponsible, economy killing policies have teed up this debt mess and holed out our economy.

Americans know that $2 trillion to $4 trillion in government cuts constitutes nothing but chipping away at Big Government, and that the White House’s call for “revenues” will only grow Big Government. Clearly, President Obama and company want a “gimme” on their fiscal mismanagement and stagnant economy so they can play another round of taxing and spending.

This will not end well for the over 14 million people unemployed, the over 30 million people who can’t find better jobs, our seniors, our veterans, or our young Americans. In the last national economic crisis this administration found “a terrible thing to waste,” they wasted trillions in tax dollars and crushed the hopes of millions expecting a real economic recovery. This single largest spending spree in our history on the backs of American taxpayers is why there is now a debt crisis. And this is one crisis this American people must not waste.

House Republicans must stand firm and perform their Constitutional duties by pressing for the cut, cap and balance plan to start restructuring Big Government: at least $6 trillion in Big Government spending; cap spending at the historic levels of 18% of GDP; and submit to the states for ratification a balanced budget amendment that includes a super-majority requirement for tax hikes. Moreover, House Republicans must press for real economic growth proposals: implementing 21st Century Social Security and Medicare systems; restructuring the failed bailout banks; reducing entrepreneurs' and workers’ tax and regulatory burdens; enacting an “all of the above” energy strategy; and establishing patient-centered health care.

Immediately, then, the House should vote on and pass the “cut, cap and balance” plan to solve the debt ceiling crisis and demand that the Senate do the same. This fair way of stopping the Democrats’ wedge politics will compel the President and Senate Democrats to reveal where they stand (or sit) on the issue.

Frankly, though, we know the president and Senate Democrats will not flag in their drive for Big Government; and will continue refusing to iron out their differences with the American people, who want an end to fiscal irresponsibility and the start of an opportunity for economic growth. Still, such a vote will at the very least allow the American people to see through the Democrats’ ploy to pin the problem on others, and inspire Americans to play through this administration, fire President Obama, and get on with the task of rebuilding an America that works.

Republican Rep. Thaddeus McCotter represents Michigan's 11th district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is currently a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.