Huckabee: The staggering stupidity of Iranian self-inspections

Fresh off a golf vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama is back to doling out disparaging dialogue about critics of his Iran nuclear deal.  Even now, after learning that the deal includes trusting Iran to self-inspect, the president calls opponents “crazies.”  What’s crazy, is putting trust in the hands of Iranian leaders.

They say when the cat’s away, the mice will play. But when America abdicates its leadership role in the world, the rats run riot. President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is a rat ship.

The latest chapter in this rat-infested deal: the Obama Administration has agreed to Iranian “self-inspections”.  Letting the Iranians “self inspect” their nuclear energy facilities is like letting mass murderers run a gun shop, hoping they’ll behave.

Never in the history of international arms control agreements have American diplomats agreed to something so recklessly ridiculous as “self-inspections”. The International Atomic Energy Agency has pushed for access to the notorious military installation at Parchin for more than a decade, yet the current administration is now willing to trust Iran to “self-inspect” this secret facility?

It makes more sense to make a convicted embezzler your financial planner than to allow the Iranians to "self-inspect" their nuclear sites.

This is absolute insanity. It makes more sense to make a convicted embezzler your financial planner than to allow the Iranians to "self-inspect" their nuclear sites.

While in Israel last week, I met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, members of the Knesset, and numerous security officials. I was constantly asked, "Why does Obama trust Iran?” Iran launches rockets on Israeli children every day. This murderous regime has killed hundreds of American soldiers and has the blood of thousands of Christians, Jews, and Muslims on its hands. It shouldn't take a mushroom cloud for the American people to wake-up!

Iranian negotiators have squeezed every last concession from this Administration, and the Free World has absolutely nothing to show for it. American hostages are still rotting in Iranians prisons. John Kerry meets with Iranian “diplomats” in the morning and the mullahs still chant “death to America” in the afternoon.  Sanctions relief injects $150 billion into Iran’s economy and military, which continues to bankroll terrorism across the globe.

So why do the Iranians negotiate with such confidence? Why do they run circles around John Kerry and convince American diplomats to agree to bizarre concepts like “self-inspection"? Because the mullahs believe they aren’t just dealing with a paper tiger, they are dealing with an inflatable pussycat, full of hot air but ready to deflate at the slightest jab.

Reagan said, “Trust but verify”. Obama’s approach is “trust but vilify” – he trusts our enemies and vilifies those who disagree with him. Let’s face it, this is a horrible deal.  We need to double-down on serious sanctions and tighten the noose on Iran.

Members of Congress are currently enjoying a summer recess vacation, which they certainly don’t deserve. But in two weeks, they will return to Washington where they’ll have the opportunity to kill this deal.  This deal is dangerous, but the “self-inspection” provision makes it a rat-infested absurdity.  I pray that Washington opens its eyes before its too late.