By Meghan ClyneNew York Post Columnist

While Washington battles over President Obama's health-care scheme, real reform is under way elsewhere -- in places like Indiana, Utah, and Louisiana. Under the stewardship of innovative governors, programs in these states are giving patients more control over their own care -- and using the forces of free-market competition to lower health-care costs for everyone.

But Washington still matters -- because ObamaCare would crush these state-level initiatives.

Utah: Earlier this year, Gov. Jon Huntsman signed a series of reform bills aimed at reaching more than 300,000 uninsured Utahns. The centerpiece: a law letting Utah insurers offer cheap, no-frills plans exempt from costly state coverage mandates. The plans are less expensive than COBRA for people who've lost their jobs and an affordable option for the poor. Yet ObamaCare would end this effort: Utahns (and everyone else) would have to get insurance laden with "minimum coverage" requirements set in Washington.

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