Hillary's warm but Trump's just crazy. The media's wacky take on the 2016 front-runners

Charles Dickens was a piker. He settled for “A Tale of Two Cities,” but when it comes to an age of foolishness, America thinks big. Through seasons of light and darkness, hope and despair, our presidential holy war is unfolding as a Tale of Two Front-runners.

One front-runner says outrageous things. He willy-nilly insults everybody from his rivals to whole religions. He never apologizes, even after boasting about his penis on live television.

The other front-runner does outrageous things. She risks national-security secrets, rewards donors with government favors and misleads the parents of dead heroes about why their loved ones died.

Guess which front-runner the media treats as the barbarian at the gate.

The fall folly looks as if it’s going to be Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, but that’s the political surface. We are living through a clash of cultures, and the press is busy unloading its full arsenal of double standards.

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