Hillary’s Twitter debut well-timed distraction from State Department sex scandal

Did you hear the big news? Hillary’s on Twitter. Yep, she went live at noon Monday, making jokes about her hair and pantsuits and, according to one breathless report, “fueling speculation” that she’ll run for president by saying her future job is “TBD”— to be determined.

Bill and Chelsea chipped in, too. OMG, stop the presses!

There was another bit of breaking Clinton news that same day, but nothing nearly as important.

It seems there were some hooker scandals at the State Department during her watch, and that one of our ambassadors also has a sick fondness for other people’s children.

But all the investigations got quashed by higher-ups, according to an agency report, so it’s almost like they never happened.

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In fact, as far as most of the news media are concerned, they never did happen.

The timing of the two news developments could be an amazing coincidence, or you could remember Rule No. 1 about the Clintons: There are no coincidences.

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