Hillary vs. Trump: If The Donald is trying to lose, he's doing a great job

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A week ago, Donald Trump declared war on the news media. This week, he’s in a death-cage match with the judge presiding over the lawsuit against the defunct Trump University. He’s also fighting Republicans who think he’s out of line.

Maybe next week, Trump will get around to taking on Hillary Clinton. Or maybe not, depending on his obsession of the moment.

Having secured the nomination, Trump now seems determined to lose the general election. If that’s his goal, he’s on a path to success.

If, on the other hand, he actually wants to win the White House, there are some obvious things to talk about, including jobs and the economy. Not included is taking the campaign down rabbit holes that are irrelevant to most voters.

No, Trump’s criticism of the judge is not racism by any definition. But it is strategically dumb and self-defeating.

This is hardly the first time Trump has flirted with disaster, and earlier predictions of his demise were premature. But playing demolition derby with a large field of Republican rivals was the minor leagues compared with facing off against Clinton. There is little margin for errors, and none for compounding them.

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