Hillary Clinton: Too big to jail

FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation Tuesday that Hillary Clinton escape federal prosecution for exposing our national security infrastructure means the Obama administration’s politicization of the entire federal government and the system of justice is complete.

For all of Comey’s scripted thoroughness, the net result of the FBI investigation is that Clinton failed in her most basic responsibility to protect U.S. secrets, but rather than recommend prosecution, Comey chose a cowardly path by giving Attorney General Loretta Lynch the OK not to pursue the case further.

It is inconceivable that General David Petraeus could be prosecuted and convicted for disseminating classified information due to his mishandling of classified information by providing it to his biographer who had clearance to read classified information.  Somehow the same FBI and the Obama Justice Department were able to prosecute that case where the information never made it into the public domain, yet cannot find the political will to prosecute Clinton whose recklessness dwarfed Petraeus’ mistake.

The FBI admitted that Hillary Clinton had a minimum of fifty-two classified email chains passing through her unclassified server, a breach of massive proportions due to her negligence. Yet the FBI believes the Hillary is too big to prosecute effectively taking off Lady Justice’s blindfold, leading her to the basement of the J. Edgar Hoover Building and executing her.

Just one day after our nation celebrated its 240th birthday, James Comey ended the noble notion that no one in America is above the law.

In 1973, Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus resigned rather than fire Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, gaining praise for their integrity. Their resignations/firings became known as the “Saturday Night Massacre” and have been celebrated for the past forty-three years as examples of political integrity.

Just one day after our nation celebrated its 240th birthday, James Comey ended this noble notion that no one in America is above the law.

The politicization of the federal investigative and prosecutorial process should not come as a surprise to anyone who has witnessed the Obama administration’s turning the Internal Revenue Service into a political hit squad. It should not be a surprise to those who have witnessed the Environmental Protection Agency’s virtual jihad against the coal industry.  And it should not be a surprise to anyone who has seen the Justice Department’s political decision to not follow our nation’s immigration laws.

Tuesday’s announcement that Hillary Clinton violated the law but shouldn’t be prosecuted is just the final nail in the coffin for the rule of law under the Obama administration.

And the people’s referendum on whether a blindfolded Lady Justice should be resurrected and restored, will be held in November when Hillary Clinton stands as the very symbol of the new political elites who are now above the law.

James Comey may have given Hillary a pass on Tuesday, but ultimately the people will decide her fate, and in some ways that will be the ultimate test of whether President Obama’s transformation will last or not.