Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and headlines the Boston Globe will never show you

The cat is out of the bag. The mainstream media in America no longer even pretends to hide their bias and disdain against Republicans. Exhibit A was Sunday's edition of the Boston Globe dedicated to headlines about what America might look like under a President Donald Trump. 

But how could a major American newspaper print something that biased, distorted and prejudicial? Sure, it was in the Opinion section of the paper but still where's equal time for the Trump side of the story?

How could a major newspaper so ferociously engage in slashing and burning a Republican candidate? Are we living in the land of the free, or a Banana Republic?

Well, two can play at that game.

What if Hillary became president? What would America look like under President Hillary Clinton? 

Here are very likely news headlines that might appear with Hillary in the White House. These are the headlines the Boston Globe would never show you. Because the truth scares liberals. 

America Teeters on Brink of Disaster as National Debt hits $30 Trillion

With Debt at $30 Trillion, Clinton Approves Social Security, Medicare and Disability for Illegals

Epic 1929-style Stock Market Crash Fueled by Massive Debt Crisis

Israel Hit by Iranian nuclear attack: 1 million dead and injured. Prime Minister blames Obama, Kerry, Bill Clinton

Illegal Immigrants Overrun US as Worst Border Crisis in History Unfolds

‘English No Longer Spoken Here.’ Public School Systems Across US Abandoned by American Citizens

Clinton Says Taxes Must Be Raised to 90 Percent Due to Debt Crisis, Corporate Failures and Entitlements Overwhelming System

Escape from America: Record Numbers of Business Owners Leave US

Clinton Critics Sent to Prison by IRS. Republicans Long for "Good Old Days" under Obama

ISIS Taunts America -- Claims 1,000 Terrorists Crossing US Border Each Day

ISIS Follows NY Terror Attack by Claiming to Unleash Army of 10,000 Specially-Trained Suicide Bombers Already on U.S. Soil

College Education Declared "Free" by Clinton Because 80 Percent of Student Loans in Default

Unemployment Hits 55 Percent Among Young Adults: Costs of Taxes, ObamaCare and $15 Minimum Wage to Blame Say Business Leaders

Chicago Lays Off Half of Its Teachers -- Cook County Debt Reaches $300 Billion

Unrest and Violence in Streets Across US as Debt Crisis Causes Delay in Welfare and Food Stamps

Walmart Seeks Bankruptcy Protection. Costs of ObamaCare Overwhelm Company as Mass Layoffs Begin

Middle Class Devastated by $2,000 Monthly Electric Bills Due to Prohibitive Costs of Green Energy and Coal Ban

Middle Class Bankrupted by $30,000 Annual Health Premiums Due to ObamaCare Costs

Food Stamp Use Doubles to Unimaginable 90 million Americans

Record 120 Million Working Age Americans Not Working

California, NY, NJ Lobby Congress to Allow States to Declare Bankruptcy

Trillions in Government Employee Pension Costs Overwhelm Budget,Crowd Out All Other Services