Hey Republicans -- Don't screw this up

The race for the White House comes down to one simple question. Who do you want nominating justices to the highest court in the land -- a Johnny-come-lately conservative or a proven constitutional conservative?

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Now -- I want to say something to all you folks out there who profess to be good churchgoing Christians.

You could have prevented this from happening. But you refused to vote for Mitt Romney. You said he was too liberal. You said he was a Mormon. So you stayed home -- and Barack Obama got re-elected.

To paraphrase Bonhoeffer:  not to vote is to vote.

So here we are, America -- at a crossroads.

Soon we will find out what Senate Republican backbones are made of. Will they have the courage to withstand the media firestorm and block President Obama's nominee?

And what about all the gun-toting, Bible-clinging conservatives? Will they bother to vote on Election Day?

The 2016 presidential race just got real, folks.

The fate of religious liberty, the right to bear arms -- the fate of the nation hangs in the balance.