A study by the New York City Independent Budget Office was released this week, and you didn't hear much about it in the mainstream media because it hurts their candidate's message.

Keep in mind, I'm your Conservative Everyman. I'm no economist, nor am I a political scientist. I call 'em as I see 'em just like you do. And away we go...

New York City has a little more than 8 million residents. Of those many millions, 1% -- ONE PERCENT -- pays 43% of the income taxes. You know how many people that works out to? About 35,000 people.

Picture in your mind's eye the City of New York, not just Manhattan, but all five boroughs. Imagine the throngs here right now enjoying the holidays. Think about the police presence, the sanitation, the schools brimming with children...East Side, West Side, The Village -- a hell of a town! 8 million people!

Now imagine Yankee Stadium, or any average Major League ballpark, and fill it except for the nosebleed seats. That tiny number pays almost HALF the operating costs for the city. How's THAT for fair?

Another kick in the head is that ten percent of New Yorkers pay 71% of the taxes. Guess how much income it takes to crack that ten percent?You don't have to be one of the millionaires or billionaires whom the Divider in Chief loves to vilify. You need not be an evil fat cat making $200,000 -- perish the thought! What's it take to crack the top ten percent in the most expensive city in America? $105,000. Yep, a buck five.

And they talk about shared sacrifice. They blather on and beat annoying drums chanting about fairness and "Tax the rich until they're poor". They should all be going door to door chanting to the one percenters, "Thank You for the Civil Services, We Owe You One!"

When I think about the wealthy in America, I think about the hard work, the risk and the sacrifice it takes to succeed. I think about all the people able to feed their children and send them to school because they have jobs created by the successful risk-takers. I don't hold a grudge against the big time rich -- except for limousine liberal millionaires in Hollywood.

Whatever you think about those disingenuous narcissists, multiply it by 75 and you're in my neighborhood. Heck with them. Until they remit an extra couple grand to http://pay.gov, they have zero credibility just like all leftists seeking to raise taxes.

The time has come to finally poke holes in the rhetoric of the Occupy rabble. It is time to pull back the curtain on leftists who seek to pit American vs American in a class war under the false pretense of fairness. It is time to silence the ugliness of envy. It is time to shame the selfishness and hatred of the American Left, starting with the election of a new president...That would make me fairly happy.

T.J. McCormack, the conservative everyman, is a comedian, radio talk show host and commentator. Follow him on Twitter @TJMcCormack.