Haiti is a cursed land by any definition. It has been cursed politically with dictators and revolutions characterizing its political landscape. And it has been cursed economically. Despite U.N., U.S. and a great deal of charitable aide, Haiti has never been able to create a stable economy that would lift its people out of their grinding poverty.

Add to this the challenges posed by hurricanes and the dangerous fault lines that parallel and traverse the island nation and you have a country that would be better off abandoned.

The U.S. and other nations are now pouring millions of dollars worth of aid into Haiti. That will only help the survivors in the short term. What the U.N. and France should do (Haitians are French-speaking and have a historic relationship with France because of past colonialism) is to offer Haitians a chance to live in other countries. Otherwise, it is likely this process of natural disaster, political upheavel and grinding poverty will continue without end.

Cal Thomas is America's most widely syndicated newspaper columnist and a Fox News contributor.