Gutfeld on how to talk politics at Thanksgiving

A new poll shows that 53 percent of Americans say talking politics with someone they disagree with is stressful and frustrating.

This is surprising, it means there are 47 percent who don't find talking politics with someone they disagree with to be stressful and frustrating.

Around this time, I usually do a monologue on how to reduce political tension at Thanksgiving. It never helps.

No one ever listens. And why should they? Taking advice from a TV host is like taking a ride from a stranger. It's risky.

So instead of avoiding politics, let's go all in at Thanksgiving.

But first you must find the right way to insert it into dinner conversation.

Here are some examples.

"Wow -- these mash potatoes are really hot. Almost as hot as our economy, which under President Trump -- grew at a 3 to 4 percent rate."

"Looks like we have more dinner rolls than people -- much like jobs under Trump, who helped create 4 million of them in just two years."

"So Gramps, why don't you carve the turkey, just like President Trump carved our bloated bureaucracy, when he cut 16 rules and regulations for every one created, saving us $8 billion dollars."

"Looks like we've run out of gravy -- kind of like what happened to our doctors under ObamaCare. Thank God Donald Trump repealed that mandate, am I right grandma?

"I'm stuffed, much like the Supreme Court is, with two sterling appointments in Judges Gorsuch and Kavanaugh."

"Maybe the kids can clear the table. Just like Trump cleared the country of MS-13."

"Honey, can you take out the trash? Just put it on the curb next to the Paris climate accords and the awful Iran Treaty."

I love pumpkin pie. Doesn't the color remind you of Donald Trump's gorgeous hair?

So, that's it.

If you can't avoid politics -- why avoid politics?

Instead, set the tone, and the table with the truth. Because if you don't, someone else will.

Adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on November 20, 2018.