Gutfeld on Hollywood boycotting Georgia

After nearly two weeks of gripes – Goodbye Brenda Snipes.

She resigns, after the Florida senate race ends.

Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams asks the self-obsessed snobs of Hollywood not to boycott Georgia, cuz she lost.

Yep some stars have threatened to boycott the state, cuz the vote that made Brian Kemp the winner, still stands.

Ron Perlman. Alyssa Milano. Bradley Whitford...Georgia's really gonna miss you!

So: now we know how to keep pompous Hollywood crybabies out of our state: win elections.

This is a better incentive than lower taxes and safer streets.

A vote for a Republican means Alec Baldwin won’t punch locals in the face.

A vote against a leftist means you'll never run into Jim Carrey weeping in the park.

But clearly this is another tantrm disguised as a principled stand. It's easy to boycott something you don't need. Something tells me Ms. Milano or Mr. Perlman didn't have lucrative projects lined up in Savannah.

It’s pure destructive selfishness. Let’s push boycotts that don't affect me - but harms the economy that supports millions of middle class Americans. Hell, I'll just stay in Bel Aire. The royalties from Full House will pay for the bean paste facials. And I still get to virtue signal on Twitter.

Boycotting a state is an even sadder version of "I'm moving to Canada." Because even if they sneak into Georgia, they never move to Canada.

But what’s great: it’s far easier to boycott a body of work, than a body of land.

Everyone can do it.

And once Alyssa or Bradford stars in anything beyond a tweet, Georgians can exercise their rights too.