A new study found that, among campus administrators, liberals outnumber conservatives by 12 to one.

To put that in perspective, North Korea has more diversity.

The result: a student body going deeper into debt and only exposed to one kind of thinking--the kind that makes kids dumber, so they won't notice it's also making them broke.

So let's try some college-level math: the number of college administrators has doubled in the last 25 years.

The only thing growing faster is Jesse's hair.

Meanwhile student debt now tops $1.5 trillion dollars – 37 grand per kid.

Now, what do you get for that?  A stupidity farm kept afloat on the backs of students and their parents.

And cuz they're not learning anything of practical value, students won't realize this, of course.

$1.5 trillion.

It’s basically our own Venezuela, a third-world socialist sinkhole, existing within the U.S., immune to market forces and common sense – and you or your kids are paying for it.

If you're 23, you won't be able to afford a home, and you can't get married until you're done paying for the provost's new butt lift …

What a bargain: you're getting poorer and dumber all for the same price!

How stupid can you get?

Go to college and for a mere $37,000 you'll find out!