Gun free zones are really just sitting duck zones for radical Islamists

Why do we trust American soldiers with tanks, trucks, bullets, and bombs on the battlefield, but when these same soldiers are home on a military base, sidearms are just 'too dangerous'?  Why have we allowed liberals to transform American military bases into 'gun-free zones,' or as I call them, 'sitting-duck zones'?

American soldiers are the most highly-trained people in our country to handle firearms, and it’s ridiculous to make them 'check their weapons at the door'. If we trust them to kill our enemies and keep us safe, it’s completely incomprehensible, insulting, and insane to forcibly disarm our heroes on American military bases and related installations.  After all, we don’t disarm police officers when they get into their squad cars.

Unfortunately, in 1993, one of President Clinton’s first acts in office prohibited members of our military from having personal firearms on American military bases.  This policy was flawed then, but it’s fatal now. It’s time we get serious about the threat our military faces and repeal this failed, federal regulation.

Across America, we have young people being radicalized to engage in evil.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sleeper cells across this country looking for targets and victims. In 2009, a Yemeni-inspired psychiatrist fatally shot 14 people and injured more than 30 others at a Fort Hood Army base in Texas. In my home state earlier that same year, Abdulhakim Muhammad opened fire at an Army recruiting station as part of a ‘holy war’ and killed an innocent young private and wounded another serviceman.

This administration will stop at nothing to protect the image of Islam, and in both cases, President Obama's public relations campaign for radical Islam beat out commonsense. Instead of calling these radical murders terrorism, they classified the Fort Hood and Little Rock tragedies as 'workplace violence’.

Worse yet, soldiers at both these installations were defenseless in the face of these slaughters because of absurd, anti-gun regulations.  When our soldiers are safer at Wal-Marts and Bass Pro Shops than American military bases, we have a serious problem.

Sadly, these events are not isolated. The senseless killing of four Marines in Chattanooga by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez appears to be another chapter in this sad, sick reality. 

For reasons I cannot fully understand, other than not wanting to offend Muslims, this administration has refused to identify the real enemy, an enemy that is murdering Americans whenever it gets an opportunity.  And they continue to promote backwards gun-control policies that empower criminals and terrorists at the expense of law-abiding citizens.  American military bases should be the cornerstone of safety and security not the crosshairs of senseless insanity.

Tragically, gun-free zones are once again the most dangerous places in America.