If you're Vice President Joe Biden and you had any interest at all in trying to become president -- why wouldn't you get into the race?

The latest Quinnipiac poll is proof of that. In the all important swing state of Florida Biden currently beats every other GOP candidate in the race and he's not even officially in.

But a bigger story is what's happening to Bush and Kasich in the all important swing states of Florida and Ohio. History's proven Republicans need to win Ohio to win the presidency ... and Ohio Governor John Kasich's advantage of being Ohio's favorite son appears to be waning.

Check out the Ohio poll: Trump is on top at 23 percent -- up two since August. Carson is at 18 and Kasich is at 13. The same is true for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in his home state.

Check out the Florida poll: Trump is still on top with 28 percent up 7 since August. Carson is second at 16 ... 14 percent for the other Floridian in the race Marco Rubio and just 12 percent for Bush.

So far the debates have been the only thing to really change a candidate's standing. The democrats square off next week but for the Republican side we have to wait 3 more weeks.