Gretchen's take: Why the Fox Business debate format worked

Obviously the Fox Business/WSJ debate on Tuesday was in stark contrast to the debacle on CNBC a few weeks earlier.

This time around it wasn't about the "gotcha" questions or the moderators own personal fawning, but about the candidates and their policies and messages.

One other aspect that helped push the candidate narrative was the increase in time for each to answer a question. This time there was 90 seconds to get a point across.  That's interesting because so many debaters have been coached to answer questions more quickly.

But  I think it was good in the sense that it gave the viewer a fuller picture as to each of the candidates' views.

Yes, there were follow-ups from the moderators when warranted, but the format really allowed the candidates to engage with one another and challenge each other on their points of difference --  which is what a debate truly is supposed to be.