Gretchen's Take: Why I'm proud to be a TIA Girl Trailblazer

Empowering young girls is an important life mission for me and one of the main reasons I wrote my book "Getting Real". I was lucky to get a lot of help and advice from women in my life -- from my mom, my teachers and my bosses. and I believe its incredibly important to give that back to work on improving these stats.

Of the nations 50 governors, only six are currently female- meaning 88 percent of governors are men despite women being 52% of the population.

104 women -- a record number -- currently serve in the 114th Congress: 84 in the House and 20 in the Senate -- but that means only 20 percent of our Senators are women and 19 percent our Representatives.

From 2006 to 2009, not one female character was depicted in G-rated family films in the field of medical science, as a business leader, in law, or politics.

and in California's 400 largest public companies -- only 2 point 8 percent are run by a female CEO.

Building self esteem for girls is crucial. and that's why I'm proud to be a TIA girl trailblazer.

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