Gretchen's Take: Why I wrote 'Getting Real'

The most important part about this show is being real with my audience. That's why I wanted to write "Getting Real".

One of the most revealing things I tell in my new book -- launching today -- is my struggle with being fired. I was part of the first two female anchor team ever for local news. It didn't work out -- and I was fired the week after getting married.

My boss told me: "You'll be fine now that you have a husband". Not really. I had my own self-identity and what about my own self worth?

The next year was one of the worst of my life. And I will always have empathy for anyone who has been fired, or is still out of work.
In my book I give advice to get back on your feet -- to find out who you are again -- to feel good about who you are -- and that you have value in this world.

Go back to what you love! Go back to your strong family relationships. Networking - calling everyone you've ever known. It may spark a new passion or career path you had never dreamed of!

You are your best advocate. You know better than anyone about "Getting Real".