What is it about people at the top of their game still feeling the need to cheat? Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady already had three Super Bowl rings .. he's been noted as one of the top Quarterbacks in the game for the last decade.

He obviously has the talent to bring home the wins. So why do already successful athletes risk it all -- whether its steroids in baseball or something much less egregious but still cheating like deflating footballs? Is it to do whatever it takes to win?

The way I was brought up ... By the Scandinavian work ethic ... Going for your goals was just in your blood. But it literally meant hard work -- and never ever giving up.  It didn't have the caveat -- and by the way you should cheat whenever you can -- to accomplish those goals.

High profile sports players who cheat make it a lot tougher to for us as parents to teach our kids. You can't stop your kids from seeing what’s happening in the news -- so instead you're forced to explain once again how an idol has let them down. You hope they see the life lesson involved.