Gretchen's Take: Why did Clinton change on immigration?

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton made her take on immigration clear in her first sit down interview as a presidential candidate for 2016, saying that we can't wait any longer to implement full and equal citizenship for the nations million of illegal immigrants.

But as we just pointed out her opinion on immigration has changed over the last decade.

In 2003 on a radio show she said:
"we've got to do several things and i am - you know - adamantly against illegal immigrants."

Back then the headline stated that Hillary Clinton had taken on a stance more conservative than even George W, Bush. So why the change?

With the killing of the 32 year old woman in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant deported 5 times, immigration reform and sanctuary city policies will for sure be a hot topic for the upcoming presidential debates.

It goes to show that a single event can change the political conversation on a dime .. and how the candidates respond to it .. could determine their political fate.