Gretchen's Take: What's behind the Trump factor?

Today my take is about the Trump factor. But does anyone really know what it even is?

Is it his fame as a celebrity -- Ala 'Celebrity Apprentice' -- that's driving his rise in the polls? Or is it his tough talk on the issues that apparently a lot of people like? Or is it the intense media coverage contributing to his rise -- or a combination of all three?

Whatever the case, it does present an interesting problem for the other GOP candidates who instead of being asked about their policies and ideas for America are having to respond to questions about Donald Trump. So how should they handle it? Defensively or more accepting?

Politics can change on a dime -- and even something as simple as another candidate's reaction to all the Trump talk could either turn voters on or off.

In the audience at Trump's event in Arizona over the weekend you heard everything from, "I like this guy" to "He can't win" to "Is he a Republican or a Democrat. what is he"?

Only time will tell what Trump really is -- if all the hoopla is for real -- or just a fleeting run with celebrity.