Gretchen's Take: We need to acknowledge domestic terrorism

The topic of domestic terror doesn't seem to be one that's a favorite of this administration. And certainly not calling it what it is. By all accounts, Thursday's events appear to be domestic terrorism by an Islamic extremist. That's what it is -- Islamic radicalism.

But once again we watched the president under-sell the story yesterday saying the shootings appeared to be an act by a lone wolf gunman -- but is that the real story?

According to the FBI - domestic terrorism threats are at a higher level than ever before and even he claims they could be happening more frequently -- not less. Director Comey testified just last week that we as a nation are not going to be able to stop all of the attacks. I think the American public is a little weary about not getting the real story from President Obama.

If he finally called it what it is -- maybe then, we as a nation could work together to combat the growing problem instead of continuously trying to downplay it.