Gretchen's Take: Wait until you hear about Michigan primary

If you thought the Colorado delegate process for the GOP convention this summer was complicated, with 37 unbound delegates going to Cleveland; wait until you hear about Michigan. Yes, Michigan already had its primary and Donald Trump won the proportional state.

So he gets 25 highly coveted delegates, while Cruz and Kasich both get 17 each.

However, Michigan Republicans will meet today and tomorrow for their party's state convention where they will officially decide the delegates for July.

Of the 59 Michigan delegates traveling to Cleveland, 42 will come from congressional districts (14 for each candidate) with the other 17 to be proposed by party leaders and voted on tomorrow.

Are you still with me? The GOP chair in Michigan has said she will try to ensure those 17 delegates who support a candidate must vote for on the first ballot. But what about the second or third? Trust me. I’m learning with you as we go through this process together. Every state is different, and each one could be the key to deciding who the GOP nominee will be. Get ready for a wild ride.