Gretchen's Take: Timing is everything in politics

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Like many things in life -- with politics -- timing is everything.  Certain candidates will rise to the top of the heap because of their policies and personalities -- but also because of what's going on in the world and at home at that particular point in time. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a perfect example of that.

Many thought he would have been the perfect GOP presidential candidate three years ago when he wasn't running ... And now when he actually might -- maybe not so much -- but, of course, that could change. The issue of experience which we were just debating also changes depending on what time we are in.

7 years ago, Barack Obama was elected without a lot of experience as people latched onto his slogan of  "Hope and Change" ... But in 2016 -- will experience be looked at differently? Will voters want a fresh face or someone they've known for some time? An editorial written today by Michael Barone caught my eye.
In it he says: "The lesson from history is that winning candidates and successful presidents show they are in step with the times."

So what does our time right now tell us?  I guess we'll have to wait to find out.