Gretchen's Take: Time to treat mental health seriously

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Every so often there's a big news story that we focus on dealing with mental health. Whether it's the Sandy Hook school shootings, the murder of American sniper Chris Kyle or the intentional murder of 149 people on the Germanwings plane, we spend considerable time debating the mental health aspects of each perpetrator. We ask if anyone saw any signs or noticed anything unusual before the heinous acts occured. 9 times out of 10 there were signs. People knew something and either said something or didn't.

I'm just wondering today if it's, once and for all, time to take on mental health as a serious medical issue -- and stop stereotyping it as something we just want to brush under the rug and not really discuss. As a victim of a stalker who was mentally ill I can speak to this. I know for the most part the law is on the side of the mentally ill person -- not the victims. I think it's time to revisit mental health once and for all. Bring it out of the darkness. Call it what it is. Get people help. Get rid of the stigmas. Time to move forward.