Gretchen's Take: 'The View' co-hosts should be ashamed

The View co-hosts should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves after conducting the so called "make up" interview with presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

After eviscerating her post debate last week by calling her face "demented" and good for a "halloween mask" you might have thought they would start today by saying they we're sorry. But there were no apologies. Instead the crew claimed the crass comments about fiorina's face were said because they're comediennes!

And it didn't end there. The hosts also asked Carly why she wasn't talking more about the issues -- and then proceeded to not ask her a single question about the issues.

They also asked if she should smile more and have a better sense of humor! Doubt that question would be asked of any male candidate. Women should support other women regardless of political slant.

Friday's display was just more proof that conservative women are held to a different standard - and that's coming from me - a registered Independent.