Gretchen's Take: The real story on K-1 visas in the US

In light of the terrorist Tashfeen Malik being able to get into this country on a K-1 fiance visa and supposedly being vetted we wanted to find out the real story about how many of these visas are actually issued per year and from which countries these fiances are coming from. So check it out.

Over the last 10 years you can see that the number of K-1 visas has hovered somewhere around 30,000 per year. But interestingly enough, there were fewer in 2013 at 26,321 and then a jump in 2014 to 35,925.

So do we know which countries these K-1's are coming from?

Turns out the largest number in 2014 were coming from Asia at 16,623  with the most in that group from the Philippines.

Europe has 6,682 with Great Britain and Ireland tops in that group at 1,370. North America is 6,250, South America 2,739, Africa 3,086.

Countries of interest: Syria is at 211 and Saudi Arabia only four. Thirty-one come from places unknown. -- We're not sure exactly what that means.

So, lets put this in perspective. seems to me all of these K-1 visa applications alone -- more than 35,000 a year -- would be more than overwhelming to vet and this is just one of our country's visa programs.