Gretchen's Take: The people's voice should be heard

After a huge New York win, Donald Trump needs to win 63 percent of the remaining delegates to secure the magic number of 1237 before the convention to be the republican nominee. Now we're hearing from party elites, people who are part of the establishment, that even if Trump is close to the magic number, it will be tough to take the nomination away from him. That's very interesting. Here could be one reason why.

In the New York State exit polls last night, this one question caught my eye. It said, if no one reaches the 1237 delegate threshold, the GOP should nominate the candidate who: has the most votes, or who delegates like best. Well, 68 percent of New York GOP voters said they would nominate a candidate who has the most votes.

Granted many of those voters like Donald Trump, but still, other polls have shown the majority of American’s think the peoples' voice should be heard.

Yet Cruz continues to run what many have described as an amazing ground game to secure and woo delegates. Last night after coming in third in New York, he said he was still headed to Cleveland where the people will prevail, but which people?