Gretchen's Take: Poll shows a stunning upswing for Kasich

As self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, Bernie Sanders' poll numbers keep going up, a new Monmouth University national poll shows, Clinton with 52-percent amongst Democrats—down from 59-percent in December.
Sanders at 37-percent --substantially up from 26-percent last month.

Look what's happened with two important voting groups.

With women, Clinton has dropped significantly. Last month she had a 64-percent to 19-percent lead over Sanders. Now she only has a 54-percent to just a 35-percent lead over him.

For younger voters under the age of 50, Clinton has gone from a 52 to 35-percent lead, to a 39 to 52-percent shortfall. That's huge.

With the GOP, the latest ARG poll among likely primary voters in New Hampshire, shows a stunning upswing for Ohio Governor, John Kasich.

He is up to a significant second place at 20-percent, ahead of Rubio, Cruz and Christe, with Donald Trump still in the lead at 27-percent.

Look at how the race tightens when voters are asked if they are definitely voting for a particular candidate.

Trump still leads at 24-percent, but Kasich is much closer behind at 22-percent.

This is a good day for Donald Trump in New Hampshire, but this is a very good day for John Kasich.