Gretchen's Take: Outsiders still on top as primaries near

Injecting faith into the political realm is nothing new.

President Kennedy's Catholic faith was an issue before he was elected. Mitt Romney's Mormon faith was questioned by some when he ran for president. Barack Obama's alleged lack of faith was also a talked about issue. And the Chrisitan constituency is extremely powerful in Iowa -- home to the first presidential primary.

A new Monmouth University poll of likely Republican caucus goers shows Dr. Ben Carson maintaining a 36 to 18 percent lead over Trump among evangelical Christians -- larger than the 29 to 23 percent advantage he held two months ago.

Carson also holds a 28 to 19 edge over Trump among non-evangelicals -- women 34 to 17 and now also men 31 to 20 percent.

The bigger story to me is not the shifting of numbers between Carson and Trump -- but the fact that at least right now -- voters changing their opinions aren't changing them to anyone else. It's still outsiders versus establishment with less than a hundred days to go.