Gretchen's Take: Just how should the GOP contenders deal with a guy named Donald Trump

If anyone tells you they know who will be the Republican nominee for President -- they're lying. No one knows and that's what makes the process so fascinating.

Right now Kasich and Fiorina look to be making a push in the polls. They of course really want to be among the ten on the stage for the first debate next week.

But quite possibly the biggest surprise -- to the pundits at least -- has been the rise of Donald Trump. Most said a Trump candidacy couldn't be done -- that Trump would never actually run for president, that his comments about illegal Mexican rapists would stop him before he started, and his attack on Senator John McCain would for sure be the end. And yet he has a huge lead in New Hampshire and is a close second in Iowa.

So next week on the debate stage -- who will decide to take on Trump and who will lay low. Those thusfar who've tried to throw a punch have been excoriated by Trump. And that's what makes politics so fickle.

Who ever thought one of the most important strategies for GOP candidates this election cycle would be how to handle a guy named Trump.