Gretchen's Take: It appears the debates do matter for voters

We just revealed this week's 2016 Presidential Power Index. So now let's break it down for the all important primary state of New Hampshire with a brand new Monmouth University poll.

Turns out not a lot has changed for GOP contenders since the last debate, except for one candidate...

Donald Trump still on top by a wide margin at 26 percent. Ben Carson still at second with 16 ... but look at Marco Rubio -- now up to 13 percent -- three times where he was in September. Also notable - Governor Chris Christie whose gone up 3 points in the same time frame.

It's interesting to note committment among voters to the candidates' they are currently choosing as well:

When asked 'Which of the following best describes where your decision stands at this moment?', only 20 percent saying they are completely decided on the candidate they will support, with 39 percent saying they have a strong preference right now but are willing to consider others.

More than anything, it appears the debates DO matter and can have a big effect on who voters like. With that in mind, more debates will only continue to help candidates like Rubio and Christie -- who excel on stage.