Gretchen's Take: Importance of our spiritual state-Time for the church to rise up?

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I know I don't operate to the best of my ability when my spiritual state is off -- could the same be true for our nation?

Seems more and more we're trying to discuss religion and spirituality less and less in the public forum -- unless of course it’s about being tolerant of other religions. We can thank the rise of political correctness and lawsuits for that.

So is the answer to just sit back and watch it all happen ... Slowly allowing any religious foundation for this nation to disintegrate a little bit more at a time? Or does Dr. Floyd have a point -- that it's also up to us to make sure that doesn't happen.

My grandfather, a minister, used to say that having challenges to religion in society was healthy -- because having adversaries forces one to work even harder to fight for what they believe.  So is that the approach that should be taken now?

As Dr. Floyd said, this may be the greatest hour for the church to rise up and be the church.  To lean in -- and more than ever serve and influence or communities with understanding and hope.

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