Gretchen's Take: Honoring International Day of the Girl

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Sunday is a special day -- it's the 'International Day of the Girl. And on 'The Real Story' we always honor that day in some sort of special way.

Two years ago I did the last segment of the show without any make up on -- to showcase how important it is for little girls and all women for that matter to build their self esteem from the inside out.

Doll maker company 'Go Go Sports Girls' was ahead of the curve in producing dolls that looked more like real little girls -- playing sports...And their new campaign is called "Be Fierce and Sparkle" ... hashtag -- Athlete is the new princess.

And now, major toymakers like 'Mattel' are also embracing the girl power movement...putting out new female super hero action figure dolls this spring.

The dolls are less sexualized, showcasing the power of little girls promoting their minds and their muscles -- over simply their sexuality.

This is all a step in the right direction -- to empower our young girls to go for their dreams and know they can do anything they set their minds to.