Gretchen's Take: Hillary Clinton's place in the polls

A year ago when you asked political pundits if Hillary Clinton was a sure thing to be the Democratic nominee for president the answer was a resounding yes. But as we've said time and time again -- politics can change on a dime. There's her email controversy and the continuing clinton foundation questions -- and earlier this week -- her $600 hair cut. so how's it all playing out in the polls?

Check out the latest Quinnipiac poll that shows Mrs. Clinton losing ground over the last two months to both Governor Scott Walker and Jeb Bush in head to head match ups.

And when asked in the same poll if Hillary Clinton has strong leadership qualities ... while 62 percent said yes in April -- that number dropped to 60 in may and 58 percent in July.

We have a long way to go until the election in November 2016 but no candidate wants to see their numbers going down. That may be why we've seen more of Mrs. Clinton taking questions from the media over the last few days. Whether or not voters like the answers they hear remains to be seen.