Gretchen's Take: GOP needs a serious lesson on messaging

Like him or not -- agree with him or not --- Donald Trump adds spice to the 2016 presidential campaign. Don't you want to see what he just might say on the debate stage? I know I do.

Call it good entertainment -- call it whatever -- the last people who should be telling him to simmer down on his "messaging" are those who haven't yet figured out how to message. case number one -- the Republican party.

Fact -- Barack Obama and his team out-messaged the GOP in almost every way in 2008. And in 2012 when the economy was down and Obamacare was in no way popular, President Obama pulled off another victory because his messaging worked -- using simple buzz words like -- "pay your fair share," "fat cats on wall street," and "hope and change."

The GOP needs to do some serious soul searching on messaging and fast before 2016. And I don't think anyone should be telling anyone they're not welcome just yet. How does the RNC know whose really going to resonate with the American people when in my mind they haven't even figured out how to message yet?