There's been much talk over the last few weeks about the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and whether or not any current day presidential candidates would or would not have invaded if they knew then what they know now. We heard Jeb Bush's first answer and then a clarification, then Marco Rubio, etc ... But is that really the question we should be focused on today in 2015?

We've reported about what's happening in that region today. Towns and cities in iraq falling to ISIS, including Ramadi over the last few days. Half of Syria now in the hands of the terror group ... And President Obama calling it simply a "tactical setback".

One could argue as my friend Charles Krauthammer does that the real question for current discussions should be "when did the unraveling of Iraq start and ISIS started gaining control"?

Yes we can go back and forth about what should have been done with hindsight being 20-20 or we can start asking the question of present day that truly matter for our safety now.