Gretchen's Take: Fear is a powerful political force and many Americans are scared

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From President Obama calling ISIS Jayvee to saying ISIS was contained to now enduring an ISIS nspired attack here at home to say people are more nervous about terrorism is an understatement.

Last week, terrorism ranked as the number one issue to Americans for the upcoming presidential election. We heard FBI director James Comey say our intelligence operatives are currently investigating as many as 1000 open investigations into ISIS in all 50 states. Add to that something very disconcerting that the FBI apparently wasn’t investigating Syed Farook. So, what does that say about where we’re potentially heading?

According to the Soufan Group’s research, international efforts to stem the tide of militants flowing to the Middle East to join ISIS is not working with the numbers of recruits doubling in just the last 18 months.  Also, the report claims approximately 30-thousand people from almost 90 countries have joined the terrorist fight since just 2014. That makes Americans nervous and fear is a powerful political force.