Gretchen's Take: Facing adversity is the best way to beat it

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Today I want to tell you about a blind sports reporter -- who actually "calls" games without being able to see them. Bryce is an example of someone making the most of his talents; somebody absolutely relentless when it comes to achieving goals.

So, today, I dedicate this edition of "My Take" to him and to anyone else out there who may be facing a struggle or hurdle in life.

Bryce has reached out to some of the top names in sports and counts top coaches and players among his friends. That takes guts and unbelievable determination.

When Bryce emailed me I wanted to share his story because I believe we can all learn something from this young man.

He was born without the ability to see but he isn't feeling sorry for himself or just giving up on his dreams.  He's proof that facing adversity -- is the way to eventually beat it.

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