Gretchen's Take: Does DC take cyber security seriously?

Does Washington take cyber security seriously? Today the director of the office of personnel management in DC resigned -- but is that enough to take on the real problem of cyber security growing more serious every day?

The massive OPM data breach is just one event -- where 21 million federal employees private information was stolen. But it gets worse: Turns out these federal employees may have also listed family members, neighbors, co-workers and even college roommates' personal information on their applications too. The implications of all of those peoples' identities now compromised is chilling.

Add to that, this week alone we've had the United Airlines, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Wall Street Journal "glitches" ... and now TD Ameritrade today.

Russia and ISIS may top the list of our greatest national security concerns -- but cyber security should be right up there too. The big question now is how does the government plan to respond and how is it going to deter future attacks? Does anyone really know those answers?