Gretchen's Take: Clinton's coronation might not be so easy

Let's talk about the democratic side of the presidential race. With new polls showing a more vulnerable Hillary Clinton in the categories of trusworthiness and whether voters believe she really cares about their needs and problems -- could it mean new life for other potential candidates?

So far, only former governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont are officially challenging Hillary in the race. But even with just two others, the Hillary campaign may not end up getting the easy coronation once expected.

We watched an experienced political candidate in Hillary stumble with her announcement weekend, unveil a not so fantastic roll out, and, of course, mishandle the press by not taking many questions.

If somebody like an Elizabeth Warren actually decides to get into the race, it might on its face look like a threat to Hillary .. but with more primary challengers for the media to report on, it could actually end up making Hillary a better candidate. With more primary opponents -- it could off set the focus on just being about her.