Gretchen's Take: Can women really have it all?

As i've been travleing the country for my book "Getting Real" one of the most frequently asked questions is this .. can women really have it all? I figured out long ago that there's no point in feeling guilty if I can't do it all.

For me the question about having it all is a phony concept. In life we make choices and try to achieve balance. That's true for every woman I know, whether she works full-time in the home or outside of the home.

The way I deal with it is to give 100 percent in the moment. When I'm here at work at Fox, I'm giving 100 percent. And when I'm with my family, 100 percent. So I like to say yes we can all have it all -- but maybe just not all at the exact same time. That phrase is unrealistic to achieve right?