Gretchen's Take: A tied score between Trump and Cruz?

Yesterday on ‘The Real Story’, we said how important it would be for Senator Ted Cruz to be aggressive and defend his citizenship status against Donald Trump’s claims. Cruz did just that. My score, Cruz 1. Trump 0. However, Cruz restated his opinion that Trump espouses New York values meaning they were far from conservative. On this issue, Trump beat Cruz with a surprising, emotional answer about how New York residents responded to 9-11. My score on this, Trump 1, Cruz. 0

The Daily News took it a step further this morning on their front cover -- expressing quite explicitly to Cruz what they thought about it -- saying "Drop Dead Ted" showing a lady liberty turning up the volume to Cruz with her middle finger.

Will that tussle really matter to the rest of America -- all of those voters not in New York? Cruz obviously calculated that a Republican Presidential Candidate will never win the state of New York -- so might as well use it as an attack. On that, he's probably right, but will Trump's emotional out of character soft-spoken take down resonate even more with voters not used to seeing him in that light? We will have to wait for the next polls and then the first voting in Iowa.